Three electrification projects in the Kegalle district vested on the people
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Electricity is the right of the people, and no one has the right to hold it to ransom, said the minister of power and energy Patali Champika Ranawaka during the handing over of electricity projects to the people in the Kegalle district on Tuesday.

Three electrification projects built at a cost of Rs. 21 million benefiting 564 families in the Kegalle district, were vested on the people by the minister on Tuesday. These three electrification projects were established in Kegalle, Warakapola and Yatiyantota areas.

The electrification project at Kalangnayake Sri Saranapala mawatha built at a cost of Rs. 3.8 million benefitting 400 families was declared open by the minister.

Addressing the gathering minister Ranawaka said that today in society there are many who try to hoodwink the people. There are a few prominent businessmen in this country who have imported low quality fuel, and sold it to the power stations with the aim of making a profit. They are trying to hold the people right to electricity to ransom by these unscrupulous deeds.

However as the government dedicated to serve the people we will always protect the rights of the people, he said. “Today at a time when an election is to be held, and the children are ready to face the Advanced Level examinations, some parties are trying to use this situation to create problems and achieve political mileage. However the people need to understand that these parties do not care about the people, but they are acting solely for their personal agendas. If we all unite and work toward one goal, then we can defeat all these elements and achieve progress,” he added.

Concurrent to the electricity project at Kalangnayake Sri Saranapala mawatha another electrification project was declared open by the minister in the Guruwela colony in Dorawaka, Warakapola built at a cost of Rs. 6 million benefiting 36 families.

The electrification project at Wee Oya in Yatiyantota built at a cost of Rs. 11.2 million benefiting 128 families will also be declared open by the minister at 05.30 pm today.

During the visit to the Kegalle district minister Ranawaka also inspected the Karawanella consumer service center and initiated the 5S concept for the efficient operation of the centre.