National Seminar on Cultural Heritage
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The above seminar was held at the Atomic Energy Authority today (16th July 2012). About 50 Archaeologists, Curators of Museums, Conservaters of archaeological arifacts, Researches and Managers of Archaeological Institute, participated at this seminar. Delivering the inaugural speech, chairman AEA Dr. Ranjith Wijayawardana described the activities of the AEA.

Describing the future plans of the Atomic Energy Authority (AEA) he mentioned about the Non-Destructive Centre, Multi Purpose Gamma Irradiation facility under construction. He also added that AEA wishes to diversity its’ activities more by establishing a centre for agriculture, Isotope Hydrology Laboratory and Nuclear Technology will be used at these centres for the benefit of Sri Lankan Public.

The resource person at the seminar Prof. Dariuz Wegrzynek (University of Krakow, Poland) delivering his presentation said that X-Ray Fluorescence instrument which can be used in the field will be introduced to AEA researchers. This instrument will assist them to identify the elements in archaeological objects without destroying them. This is a portable XRF equipment.

Prof. Dariuz Wegrzynek also said that 60 – 70 museums worldwide use this instrument to findout chemical composition of Cultural Objects.