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introduce 1,000,000 Rooftop Solar units during the next 10 years as a national program The objective of this program is to create electricity producers at least 20% from the total electricity customer base
Rooftop Solar
MW to the grid by 2025
MT Reduce (CO2) Emission
Rs. Monthly Income

An Energy Secure Sri Lanka

I will prepare the groundwork for the country to fulfil the basic energy requirements of the people through renewable energy sources such as Dendro (biomass) power, wind power, solar power, ocean energy etc.

Maithripala Sirisena

President of Sri Lanka

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Solar resource maps for Sri Lanka

The resource maps depicted in the report will be very useful in visualising the distribution of solar resource potential in various geographical regions across the country.
Global Horizontal Irradiation (GHI) in Sri Lanka By SEA

Global Horizontal Irradiation (GHI) in Sri Lanka By SEA

The preparation of the Solar Resource Atlas of Sri Lanka is a component of the renewable energy resource...

Direct Normal Irradiation (DNI)

Direct Normal Irradiation (DNI)

Sri Lanka is situated close to the equator, therefore receives an abundant supply solar radiation year...

Solar Measuring Stations

Solar Measuring Stations

As estimated in the solar resource map developed by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) of the...

Global Horizontal Irradiation (GHI)

Global Horizontal Irradiation (GHI)

The resource maps depicted in the report will be very useful in visualising the distribution of solar...

Benefits You Will Receive

Solar Rooftop takes the financial benefits one step farther: not only can you reduce your electricity bill, in many states you can actually get paid for the power

Earn an income

According to your selected options it will be possible for you
to earn an income.

Repayment plan:

A 7 year repayment plan can be worked out from both  government and private sector commercial banks.

Loan for a Solar panels:

If you obtain a loan for a Solar panels you may repay  the loan with the income generated from the electricity generated while earning an additional income for yourself.

Rs. 22.00 per unit :

Any additional electricity generated within the 1st 7 years will be purchased at Rs. 22.00 per unit and after the 7th year Rs.15.50 per unit.

Benefits for the country

One of our ambitions is to empower 20% of low income families solar electricity generation while converting those families into electricity producers.

Sun light is freely available

As the sun light is freely available, the foreign exchange spend on fossil fuels will be reduced.

Balance of the electricity system

Small scale solar power plants on rooftops are important to the balance of the electricity system as they are scattered throughout the island.

Losses are minimal

Since the generation occurs closer to the point of consumption, the transmission and distribution losses are minimal.

Small scale entrepreneurs

Small scale entrepreneurs also can join the electricity production which has been limited to the large scale power generation companies.

Security of the electricity supply.

Since the small scale electricity generation system is scattered across the island, it positively affects the security of the electricity supply.

Additional income & direct and indirect jobs

Inequality of income distribution of the country will be reduced since a large number of people are being able to get an additional income being producers of electricity, Ability to generate a large number of direct and indirect jobs with the awakening occurred in this field.

1000 MW by 2025

Ability to add 200 MW to the grid by 2020 and add another 1000 MW by 2025.

Reduce Carbon Dioxide (CO2)

Ability to reduce Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emission from thermal power plants to 1,50,000 MT per year.

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Net Metering is simply a policy that enables electricity customers to connect their own on-site generation system to the utility grid and receive credits on their electricity bills for their own renewable energy generation in excess of their electricity consumption that is exported to the electricity distribution network.

Public Utilities Commission (PUCSL)

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